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Aug 15, 2014

Where can you pay for essays online?

When students are faced with a huge load of academic assignments and lack of time to complete them all, they usually decide to to pay for essay from online custom-writing services. Before we get any further, let’s clarify one thing: you don't break any laws when you pay for essays online. You are allowed to purchase content online and use it in any way you prefer.

If you are one of those people wondering “who should I pay to do my essay”, you should be aware of the fact that there are many companies that are worthy of your attention, but there are also disreputable services you would like to stay away from. It’s important to be informed before ordering papers online. The following comparison of the most popular writing services will help you make the right choice.


This is one of the most experienced teams in the custom-writing industry. The company, which was established in 1997, has hired a great team of writers with Master’s and Doctoral degrees. They are certified to complete academic content in the niche they are educated in, so you can always expect to get your content written by an expert on the matter. Surprisingly, the prices are affordable, especially if you plan to order your project with a longer deadline.


Students who order one paper at this website usually return for more services. Essay-On-Time offers a wide range of products that include all types of academic content today’s students need. The reputation of this service is flawless; its team of over 700 expert writers always manages to meet the customers’ expectations.
The prices are very reasonable, considering the fact that the quality delivered by this team is worth much more.


This is a very reliable essay writing company with an impressive record of satisfied customers. The team of writers is consisted of experts with MA and PhD degrees, so you can be certain that you’ll get high-quality content when ordering projects at this website. The quotes per page are similar to the ones you get at Essay-On-Time.com, and the level of quality is exceptional. This website is a smart choice when you want to use a great welcoming discount.


When you are looking for a service that can urgently deliver an academic project of outstanding quality, this is the right choice. The skilled writers hold graduate degrees in the areas they cover. They have access to a huge base of resources, so it’s easy for them to collect the needed resources within a short timeframe. The great professionalism of this company’s team keeps attracting new and returning customers on a daily basis. The prices will surprise you; they are very affordable when combined with the available discount offers.


This is one of the most popular custom-writing services for international customers. The versatile writing team delivers unique content for all customers. You can request free revisions until you are completely satisfied; the writers never refuse to improve the content in accordance to the customer’s requirements. You can order any type of project at this website and rest assured that your expectations will be met.

Do you want to compare the features of the most popular writing services? The following info will help you choose the right website when you’re ready to pay for essay online.


Prices: The quotes per page fit into an average student’s budget. The lowest price for essays is $21.99 per page, and the quotes progress up to $60.99 depending on the urgency and quality of the project you request.
Usability: The website is loaded with many features and information about the company’s services, but it’s still very responsive and easy to understand. You can access the order form from any page and complete it within minutes.
Customer support: You can chat with the representatives at any time, but you can also call them on phone or contact them via email message.


Prices: The quotes per page are quite reasonable, starting from $19.99 and ranging to $52.99 per page for essays. The final price will depend on the chosen quality, deadline, and type of product you need.
Usability: The website design is simplistic, but you can easily find the information you need prior to placing the order. The order form is very easy to complete.
Customer support: The representatives are accessible 24/7. You can contact them not only via online chat, but also on email and phone.


Prices: Transparent, affordable, and justified with the top quality delivered by the writers. The starting quote per page for essays is $19.99, and the prices progress up to $52.99 when you choose the highest quality and combine it with the shortest deadline.
Usability: You can easily find the answers to your questions if you browse through the website. All information is transparent, and the ordering procedure is as simple as it gets.
Customer support: The representatives are available 24/7 and immediately attend all customers who contact them via phone, online chat and email.


Prices: Although the versatile writing team delivers outstanding quality, the prices of this service are still reasonable. Essays are priced from $22.95 to $54.95 per page. Of course, you can always use a discount to make the final price more affordable.

Usability: Even though the website is very informative, all sections are nicely organized and you can easily find the details you need.  Customer support: The representatives are really friendly and always attend the customers with no delays. You can reach them via online chat, Skype, and phone.
Prices:If you are looking for the right balance between experience and affordable prices, this is the right website for you. The starting price is $19.99 for the longest deadline combined with Standard Quality, and the quotes progress up to $57.99 for Platinum Quality combined with the 3-hour deadline.
Usability: The company has a user-friendly website that enables you to place an order in the most effective manner. Although the order form is quite detailed, it’s still easy to complete.
Customer support: The representatives are available 24/7; and they are very polite with the customers. You can reach them on Skype, phone, and live chat.  

Aug 14, 2014

Essay Formats

If students could simply write what they think about a particular topic, they wouldn’t have such a problem with academic writing. However, this lengthy process requires an extensive research, attention to details, and a great deal of time to be completed. On top of everything, professors also require specific citation styles to be used for different types of papers.

Since you are expected to implement the rules of different formats, you need to pay close attention to their guidelines and waste a lot of time on details. The following comparison between MLA, APA, and Chicago citation styles will make the work easier for you.

1. APA Style

This format is used for referencing sources when writing on topics from the area of social sciences. The guidelines are not basic at all, but you’ll find them easier if you remember the author-date referencing method. This means that the reference provided in the text should include the author’s name accompanied by the year of publication. In addition to these in-text citations, you will also provide a reference list that offers more information about the sources you used to support the discussion.

2. MLA Style

If you are working on a project for a course that belongs to the niches of humanities and liberal arts, you will probably need to implement the rules of the Modern Language Association citation style. The easiest way to remember the formatting rules is to pay attention to the “author-page” in-text citations. The quotes and paraphrased sentences in your content should be accompanied with an in-text citation that includes the author’s last name and the page number where the information is located in the source. Then, you will provide more specifications in the Works Cited page.

3. Chicago Manual of Style

This is the citation style you’ll mostly use when writing content from the areas of art, literature, and history. Instead of in-text citation, the Chicago Manual of Style instructs the usage of endnotes or footnotes, where you will include the author’s name, the title of the source, and details about the publication. At the end of the document, you will provide a detailed bibliography page.

This information will help you distinguish the three most commonly used referencing styles, so you can finally tackle that part of the academic writing project with fewer difficulties. Remember: you must reference all sources you used in your paper; otherwise you will be guilty of plagiarism.